Wednesday, December 22, 2004


This is turning into a hopeless pastiche of a post. Stumbling around after the who/what, where the last post had led me, I stumble across this and realize, once again, how far out of the loop one can be, with very little effort. Some not-so-subtle scribbling likewise appeared during said stumbling:
Why do conservatives shirk and then endlessly bitch about academia? Two words for the day: Queer Theory. It makes them squirm. Hence the misplaced anger, the emphatic whining, the victim-complex. (A question of sequence? Whose worldview comes first? No. A question of dependency, of whose worldview is most dependent upon on a mirror image of itself, on a falsely "opposing" worldview. A question of what is a worldview for-itself (grossly), and what needs does it serve. What is a worldview if not the very insistence upon the hegemony of worldviews, of large, convenient fictions to frame all debate, above and beyond all else. Worldviews, including neoliberal ones, are totalitarian. Their definition of "the political" leaves little room for hope, or a future. They hinge upon an essentially reactionary view of what may constitute the "political" itself.) But maybe there are no closets in cyberspace.

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