Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple's profits double, tax rate falls to Romney level: 9.8%

(Please disregard the possible degree mill that produced this infographic as a strange form of advertising. Diploma mills are some of the most exploitive, predatory and shameful enterprises out there.)

Apple's profit margins are simply criminal.  $319 for each new iPhone, net profit.  Foxconn gets $8/phone assembled.  The situation in China is unsustainable, to say the least, politically, environmentally, and socially.  A few casino capitalists are getting very, very rich for at most another decade before shit hits the fan.

At what cost?

  Masters of Tax Evasion

Monday, September 10, 2012

This is brilliant

According to Adorno, in psychoanalysis only the exaggerations are true. If you wished to characterize the Democrats and the Republicans in terms of true exaggerations, you might say that the Republicans have become the Party of Psychosis while the Democrats have become the Party of Neurosis. The Republicans are psychotic because they have lost contact with reality, and orient their behavior not toward realities but toward fantasies. The Democrats are neurotic because they are aim-inhibited, as an old-fashioned shrink might say: their anxieties, hang-ups, and insecurities mean that they can’t attain satisfaction, since in a basic way they won’t even allow themselves to know what they want.