Wednesday, February 25, 2009

in my abundant spare time...

...So now the basement remodel is finally complete (incl. all new plumbing, electric and altogether too much crawlspace/structural rebuild & insulation, along with the usual drywall, durock & tiling, trimming out, re-leveling, cabinets, appliances & fixtures, built-ins, floor reconditioning, some new hardwood T&G, doors, custom thresholds and endless texturing and paint), maybe there will be time for reading again (or at least little projects for real people, like these), after work.

hickory end-grain chopping block, shipped to New York

hickory edge-grain carving board, shipped to New York

hickory face-grain cheese platter and maple end-grain chop block, shipped to California

reclaimed cedar, hickory, and oak table top, shipped to California