Tuesday, December 21, 2004


A simple, common lament: Francois Truffaut died too soon. Yes, he certainly did. While Truffaut's memoir/tribute to Andre Bazin seems hard if not impossible to find out here, Cahiers du Cinema does have a PDF-based web home, since 2000.

From a confrontation between the underclass intellectuals and the ruling-class intellectuals: "You princes of thought, jewels of the intellect..., since you have moved to disown us, we in turn have abjured your paternity; we have disdained your crowns and impugned your coats of arms. We have cast aside the grandiose titles you formerly sought for your labors: we are no longer "The Elan," "The Star," or "The Will-o'-the-Wisp,"...but instead are "The Pretentious Fool," "The Penniless," "The Promised Land," "The Enfant Terrible," "The Tragic Pariah," or "The Bohemian," and thus we protest...your egotistical authority." Charles Pradier, "Peres et fils," Le Boheme, 1. no. 5 (April 29, 1855).

-from Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project, 584

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