Tuesday, May 09, 2017

RIP, wood s lot

Very sad to learn of Mark Wood's passing, and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking and feeling the following:

There was a time that I browsed Mark's page daily, almost religiously.  'wood s lot 'was meditatively-curated, refreshingly wide-ranging yet remarkably uncluttered and in a league of its own in the blog genre, a genre he helped foster. Occasionally he posted snippets from mine, which was always a great thrill and extreme flattery. For a formative period of my young adult life, nearly every day I found something he posted worth following and reading in full. Or leading me to something else, on an unexpected journey of mental exploration. I appreciated his taste in literature and philosophy, his curiosity for theories seeking to describe both the good-in-the-world and the pain, and his capacity to find odd and thoughtful things on the corners of the still-mysterious, still vast, still early Internet, back when it seemed both much larger and less over-determined and cynical than it sometimes does today. He was a generous, kind and gentle presence, speaking almost entirely through other's words, and through the spaces in between. His daily blog was also a grounding space for many, and a raging against the dying of the light. 

RIP, Mark Woods, "Professor of Gluation and Scissorology, University of Blogaria," as someone somewhere put it.  
And thank you.

"Looks promising."