Friday, September 20, 2013

Monday, September 02, 2013

Slave Capitalism

This is one hell of a good review. 

Speaking as someone who enjoyed "Lincoln" but also found it inevitably paternalistic.  There is so much more to our national history than is commonly imagined...and we are all worse off for our ignorance.  All education is history, after all.  True history requires literature, imagination, poetry.  Which is why the more Foucauldian work of people like Howard Zinn and Walter Johnson (and David Harvey) is so crucial.

Fukushima, still leaking...Tepco, still lying...

a new leak and possible other leaks have added to concerns about the plant's stability.
They follow a major leak two weeks ago. TEPCO reported a loss of 300 tons of highly radioactive water from a steel tank on Aug. 19, saying most of it is believed to have seeped underground but some might have escaped into the sea. The company has yet to determine the cause or exactly where the water went.
The leakage of water that had been used to cool the plant's three melted reactor cores triggered fears of similar leaks from more than 300 other similar tanks. The tanks are part of approximately 1,000 tanks holding 330,000 tons of contaminated water at the plant, where the radioactive waste water from the reactors grows by 400 tons daily.

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