Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Protest. Also January 6. For the mentally challenged, a reason:
Naughty: Department of Homeland Security, for omitting "major sites" like chemical plants and dams from its unfinished national database of potential terrorist targets.
Nice: Department of Homeland Security, for including "water parks and miniature golf courses" in the national database. At your local putt putt, the terrorists never win.

Courtesy of The Center for American Progress

Not to mention the utterly irresponsible, bank-rushing, corporate hand-out fiscal policy of these lifetime crooks. How about some ads attacking Joe Republican instead of muppet Bush. You morons voted for the guy just because you're proud to be Rebublican, you have no time for reasons or for reality, you and your kids can pay for it, how 'bout. And plenty more...yawn.

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