Saturday, June 23, 2007

hawking my wares

Four more...cutting boards, handcrafted (out of scrap) by yours truly. Considering they each take several hours to make and start at $15 (plus shipping&handling), one may as well call it a labor of love.

This one be very thin (hence, light) at 7/16 x 14 x 13.25; maple, cherry and walnut. Quite a lot of belt sanding.

#2) Hickory center with walnut border, much heavier @ 3/4 x 12.25 square.

#3 and #4 are both cherry (very pretty), one rectangle one sqaure, roughly 5/8 thick.

Several spoken for already, but if interested please do send an email. Will gladly make to order.

"Intellectual activity is incompatible with any large amount of bodily exercise."

"Our bond, it seems to me, was not affirmative, but negative. We had individually found one thing or another to quarell with in our past life, and were pretty well agreed as to the inexpediancy of lumbering along with the old system any further. As to what should be substituted, there was much less unanimity." - Coverdale

-as read recently in: Joshua Glen, "The Argonaut Folly", n+1 number 5.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

tout court

pages 114-117 of The Society of the Spectacle; imagine a quote here...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

air architecture and unmoorings, one of my favorite mp3 blogs, is back:
Shortwave radios, as we all know, are time machines.

Not in any sense that H.G. Wells or Mort Weisinger or Ib Melchior might recognize. Rather, think of the ionosphere as a sort of plasmic Advent calendar with infinite variations. In the architecture of the sky, windows open and close, shape-shift and change coordinates; cross-beams splinter into kindling or gather into thick, verdant, untamed rushes. Space lacks fixity; no scene occurs twice. If there's any parallel to be drawn to those hoary old science-fiction legends, it's the notion that the more one wants to control one's trajectory, the more one loses it.

But, unlike all but the most dystopian of time-travel stories, the correct course of action when travelling on the wavebands is to give oneself over entirely to chance. You're never without reference points - frequencies, bandwidths, the needless distractions of date lines and time zones - but the epiphanies are in the unmooring, the throw of the rudder, the casting of the compass into the sea.

Friday, June 08, 2007

today's (snazzy) cutting board for sale...

It's a shitty camera phone.

Bonus: no knife marks on this one yet.

Monday, June 04, 2007


• A new translation from the second and last issue of the Paris-based collective, TIQQUN.

• A review of Austrian author Peter Handke.