Saturday, August 07, 2010

Anis Shivani

Billy Colllins: Ouch:
Pioneered the poet as the stand-up comedian...the clown and the "nature-lover"...Part of his carefully nurtured persona is not to take himself too seriously...Has perfected, over twenty years, a brand of poetry candy--take a few variables about known facts, alter one of them, and see where that takes you. A one-trick pony who acts in every poem as if he's discovering the trick for the very first time. His never-discarded mask of humility is how he shows off in his poetry--and outside it. Imagines he is a container for childlike wonder, but actually exemplifies childish incomprehension. Like the others, escapist denial of death is pervasive.

Not that I agree with him about Jorie Graham, nts.

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