Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Corexit: all about hiding the evidence

A rare look at the majority of the spill, suspended in the water column and laced with toxic chemicals (banned in the UK).

Or as The Saint Petersburg Times puts it:
"You're making a decision to save your birds at the expense of your larval fish and shellfish population," agreed Henderson. But marine life should be able to bounce back more rapidly, he said.

That's when the dispersants are sprayed on the surface, as their manufacturer recommends. Over the past week, BP has been testing a radical approach, shooting the dispersants at the source of the leaks a mile beneath the surface, even though EPA officials say the effects of underwater use "are still widely unknown."


"It's all about trade-offs," said Beth McGee, senior water quality scientist with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and one of the authors of the 2005 study. "You look at the resources at risk and you make a choice." While there may be some sickness and fatalities among the fish population, she said, "you hope you're saving some beaches or marshes."

How's that working out...

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