Tuesday, July 01, 2008

OH, Poor Saint McCain!

Josh Marshall is my hero as the "big club" swings predictably down. Among others actually able to take legitimate criticism.

As for Obama, apparently busy reassuring the owners...well, it's equally predictable but what becomes of this cowering remains to be seen. Clearly he needs to feel more pressure from the genuine left, and will continue needing it...if only they can pull their roots together and hurl them at his window.

Update: The Obama campaign's impressive online response to criticism on the FISA issue is up here. The Nation comments:
While Obama's advisers may view this week's activism as inevitable liberal tensions in a general election -- an odd gloss, given the Fourth Amendment's bipartisan credentials -- the key dynamic is the development of a sophisticated network of activists. After all, they're not asking the candidate to be more liberal, they're asking him to hold strong on his own promise to oppose the spying legislation.

Even conservative bloggers are impressed that the Obama Campaign provides an open platform for supporters to organize against the candidate's position. "Rather than react in accordance with the practices of most campaigns by shutting and muffling dissent," observed the GOP blog The Next Right, "Obama is providing dissidents (many of whom are supporters of his) the opportunity to organize on his campaign web-site." The blog contrasted the approach to top-down campaigns on the right. "Can you imagine a Bush campaign reacting like this? I can't."

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