Sunday, April 10, 2005


It's a beautiful day to be outside, and I was going to abstain from posting anything for a few days anyway, partly on the vain chance that someone might actually read down the page and respond interestingly to posts revised and updated (such as this one and this one). But then Tom Waits was on the radio last night, talking about "what is 'cool'", so I had to blog about that. Incidentally, none of the people asked this question responded with the truth, as discovered by a friend of mine in college years and years ago, who burst into my room one afternoon and proclaimed, "I figured out what coolness is!
"...Oh yeah?"
"It's moving slower than the music!"

So but while I'm typing, some fashionably late links: The Litblog Co-op looks promising. And also, even if they're not a very musical bunch, these guys. And surprise, surprise, most "wild salmon" in grocery stores is farm raised! Having tasted the real thing daily during several sleepless, 3-month seasons, I certainly could have told you that.

And the real parties, the genuinely tragic and foreboding ones, virtually ignored by a sorry excuse for a US Press, are reported on here, here, here, here, here and here.

Oh, and a former advisor to President Clinton (the one with a blog), bravely demonstrates either his indifference to or ignorance of Marx, or some combination thereof.

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