Thursday, November 04, 2004

a thought

Call me crazy, slow, or call me quick
But might W be tired of this Presidential shtick?

Secretly, perhaps, Dumbo was sort of hoping he could go home now. Who knows, maybe his owners were even hoping for a defeat (this is the internets, someone will say it sooner or later). If one thing's for sure, he's in for the fashionable smear now, as shit hits fan, chickens come home to roost, and "freedom" may no longer be accepted as a coherent or self-evident platform. Either that or things will have to get dramatically worse, on every front, to keep the context shifting beyond the reaches of each critique. But the way Bush has been whining on about "it's hard work" while sounding intoxicated, stupid and annoyed at once seems to support this daring thesis. No wait, that's how he sounds all the time. And there is no fucking critique.

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