Tuesday, November 23, 2004


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I have applied for several positions with The Center for American Progress. If anyone has further advice or insight into this group, please do not be shy.

In other news, the R&R (that's "Rump and Residue") DNC has finally jumped the recount bandwagon in Ohio, and The Orifice of Homeland Absurdity is a new and growing site worth a look, as may be this forthcoming journal: Cultural Politics, for those digging hoittoit PMS. I am disappointed to see that ANSWER is the group leading January 20 anti-inauguration protests. As n+1 once opined, the protestors have already, once again, "mobilized around a zero." For the record, this blog will never post photos of Cunt clowning with foreign leaders with his fly down, or playing Mao on billboards, as Cunt does not, despite the redundancy of his delusions, set my standards. Incidentally, n+1 has issued a fresh mandate, which I may take up:
From here on out, we are only going to publish things that suck. Did you hear that, everyone? Our former guidelines were complicated and ambiguous ("only that which, generically, cannot appear in the print issue," etc.), but this one is beautifully simple: only that which sucks. If you've written something that sucks, please send it, and up it goes.

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