Wednesday, November 10, 2004

dystopian dreams

"The Last Chance Democracy Cafe," by Steven C. Day, received this morning in an email, was difficult to stop reading. Ah well, back to Blanchot and the job search. Allen Shartock of WAMC radio is interviewing Greg Palast next Tuesday, if anyone still remembers the election by then. A post worth reading at The Blogging of the President:

What we have going on in the mainstream media and amongst a variety of analysts is amusing - they're trying to use the exit polls to explain why the exit polls got it wrong. So they'll note, for example, that more women voted for Bush than expected, or that the Evangelicals came out more than expected - but they're getting that info from the exit polls and comparing it to pre-election polls and final results. If the exit polls are genuinely as inaccurate in some states as these graphs indicate then using them to explain why they are off is... well....Any grad students in math or stats got some time on their hands?

Elsewhere, a smart read of the first press conference of the second coming. Is W. veering toward breakdown? The psychological damage seemingly lingering from the "debates," Michael Moore, Eminem, etc. can surely lead nowhere good.

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