Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Here is a poem written by Julia at Eagle's Wing:

I seem to be a seagull flying in the air,
but I really am a scare crow just sitting there,
I seem to be a house sitting there,
but I am really a book sitting there,
I seem to be a scientist,
but I am a poet writing all day and I am.

-Julia, age 9

Hey, I used to write poems too. So in the spirit of friendly competition:

My Holstein Cat

My holstein cat is a riot.
He is black and white.
He is as graceful as a kite
flying through the sky.
He sits in the tall grass
and waits.
Then, like a timb bomb finally
about to go off
he leaped into the air
as a leaf floated down.
And he only catches the ground
as he lands with a Thud!
And he just gets up and waits
in the tall grass
until something comes by to chase.

-Matt Christie, age 7

Ok, she wins. Here is another of her poems:


I am a blackboard there
are some ways I don't like
being a blackboard
do you know this white thing
makes marks on me it really
hurts those people are crazy
I get cleaned by this black thing
they put fingers on my face sometimes
those boys punch me with their fist
they get in trouble anyway I
hate this woman she presses very
hard with the white thing I will
have a horrible day for sure

-Julia, age 9

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