Monday, November 08, 2004

further notes on "voting"

The following tapestry blatantly ripped from the weblog, American Samizdat, to which the text links:
Three congressmen, including the Detroit one, John Conyers, have called for a massive investigation by the Government Accounting Office. One of the Florida candidates has given evidence to the FBI about this, including how it was done, and who was involved. The main stream media has been shut down, they can't report it. There was a massive storming of the Ohio Capital Nov 3 by hundreds of people to protest the fraud, and it didn't make the papers....

To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: That the exit polls were wrong; that Zogby's 5pm election day calls for Kerry winning Ohio and Florida were wrong (he was exactly right in his 2000 final poll); that Harris' last-minute polling for Kerry was wrong (he was exactly right in his 2000 final poll); that incumbent rule #1 - undecideds break for the challenger - was wrong; That the 50% rule - an incumbent doesn't do better than his final polling - was wrong; That the approval rating rule - an incumbent with less than 50% approval will most likely lose the election - was wrong; that it was just a coincidence that the exit polls were correct where there was a paper trail and incorrect (+5% for Bush) where there was no paper trail; that the surge in new young voters had no positive effect for Kerry; that Kerry did worse than Gore against an opponent who lost the support of scores of Republican newspapers who were for Bush in 2000; that voting machines made by Republicans with no paper trail and with no software publication, which have been proven by thousands of computer scientists to be vulnerable in scores of ways, were not tampered with in this election....

In short, we have old-style vote spoilage in minority communities. We have electronic voting machines losing votes and adding votes all across the country. We have electronic voting machines whose efficiency and safety have not been tested. We have electronic voting machines that offer no paper trail to ensure a fair outcome. We have central tabulators for these machines running on Windows software, compiling results that can be demonstrably tampered with. We have the makers of these machines publicly professing their preference for George W. Bush. We have voter trends that stray from the expected results. We have these machines counting millions of votes all across the country.

Perhaps this can all be dismissed. Perhaps rants like the one posted by 'TruthIsAll' are nothing more than sour grapes from the side that lost. Perhaps all of the glitches, wrecked votes, unprecedented voting trends and partisan voting-machine connections can be explained away. If so, this reporter would very much like to see those explanations."

BoingBoing has the latest Michael Moore "voting" coverage clips, in various forms, shapes and sizes.

[Update: It seems MSNBC has picked up this story, sort of (and despite the official mum from up on high). Wanna help make history by crunching some numbers? Start here (hat tip to Nick Lewis and American Samizdat).]

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