Monday, November 29, 2004

showing off

Today we know that the electronic image dominates over all other kinds of images. But even an electronic image could be an image of true collaboration, ergo, images as art of collaboration do not have "nationality." (Somewhere else, I talk about collaboration in terms not of artist/model but in terms of collaboration between artists: influences, intertextuality, originality as regulative, the joy to influence each other vs. the angst of influence, etc.) What happens is that today -- more than ever -- the medium or media itself becomes the message, the "gift", what remains to be seen, felt, understood. There is no real symbolic exchange, dialogue, collaboration, because it is mainly about the performance of separate techniques, a showing off instead of participation in the visible. But there are many happy exceptions in "media-art," "performance," etc. (more)

- "Steps Toward A Small Theory of the Visible" (for Yves), by John Berger (via)

speaking of which...

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