Sunday, May 30, 2010

Predictable hubris (updated)

Someone throw a shoe at this asshole.

Meanwhile, watching the CNN unfiltered BP disaster cam...there is apparently a good chance this latest operation will make things worse (unless Friday's events already have, in which case it's been "worse" for some time now)...without the BOP, the pressure from the well is greater, and the current maneuver is likely just cosmetic fix, unlikely to siphon very much at all even if it does "succeed" (they're not giving any odds, this time), while the world waits for the relief well to be dug (and remember they had stopped drilling the second relief well middle of last week, of course, without telling anyone, in order to borrow that other BOP as a backup (even BP's CEO was "surprised" not to be able to see it from a media PR stunt helicopter) so who knows how much time was lost/continues to be lost on that).

Naomi Klein features in another good article about the private security contractors locking the perimeter down of the (ever-expanding) BP disaster impact oil threatens the Atlantic coast and giant "dead zones" of previously undiscovered enormous underwater plumes "the size of Deleware and Maryland combined" grow by the hour (despite BP's ongoing denial that they exist at all). nb. Matt Simmons should probably be taken with a grain, or perhaps ocean, of salt.

The riser gushes on, now mostly black with oil (so much for the official government "independent study" claiming 75% of that is methane gas...numbers that criminally still may let BP off the hook, financially...for all we know they were confusing dispersants being applied at the source for methane).

CNN feed here.

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