Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nevertheless I read it

Perhaps saving others the trouble. Here's an article. As usual, it raises far more questions than it answers...

Update: Our good friend the old broken riser currently being observed by CNN's relatively uncensored feed (and who knows the extent of leaking elsewhere) is spewing what appears to be almost pure oil now, perhaps having reached a different, deeper reserve. Reports of this change were reported back before the failed "top kill/junk shot" attempts, it should be noted. This thing is not ending anytime soon.

At least (and this may be no small thing) BP has been forced to announce Friday's failure publicly, and ahead of PR schedule. They've been forced to provide some public record details of the next "solution" (a maneuver clearly as controversial as it is risky and questionable, among those who portend to know). The fact that they've abandoned the second relief well (once again defying any "orders" the President might deign to give) ostensibly to aid in the backup option (another jerry-rigged BOP to attach to the top of the old one[whether it's still even there or not?]) to this new operation (an "LMRP" cap to seal somehow to the top of the geyser and siphon the flow up to collection) (two unprecedented scientific experiments which frankly should already be in place, as soon as "top kill" failed, if this was indeed the plan all along), and but most importantly that they've been forced to publicly revise their deadlines for accountability, their effective grace period window (to something far less publicly palatable, it might be added).

I deem that a success.

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