Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beyond Propoganda...3.5 million gallons/day

That's Big Government Business for you, cheating when they can't get handouts (more whistle-blower video here), just a bunch of criminally rich crack fiends. Multiply the above by at least two, and that's just if they're telling the truth, all of a sudden. Update: They were not. The reason for delaying release of this video now seems clear: we're talking more than ten times more oil than they claimed, 84,000 barrels a day (not 5,000), or, an Exxon Valdez spill every four days. It's the third week now, with no end in sight.

They've been using unprecedented amounts of untested chemical compound dispersant to make the spill look smaller on the surface, while nobody knows how much is still moving underwater, or where. Such reckless poisoning and dishonesty alone should be cause for criminal charges.

You have to laugh at all these eggheads trying to figure out the real numbers...from this short video clip, which somehow BP alone controls the rest of but just prefers not to share. Doesn't the government have any submarines, with cameras? That's legally our's certainly our nation's (and the world's) economy and ecosystem that is at stake...How long do we just keep trusting BP to (mis)handle it? Ridiculous.

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