Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Oil Drum is a big frat house of corporatists?

I take it back. Wading 25 or so comments in to the most recent thread on The Oil Drum, it's nothing but oil men and industry insiders pretending they are on the set of Mad Money, only without the irony of television, or the ponderously-posed conflicts with clichéd injustice. The overall effect is something pretty flat.

The self-importance and spin runs pretty deliberately (defensively?) thick (all the while back-patting furiously).

nb. This being as yet an entirely partial opinion (literally). Update: Well ok, I guess it's an oddly fascinating kind of (often rather random) technical smart, eventually (sometimes toward the bottom of the threads), interspersed with BP/oil industry apologists and the occasional armchair paranoiac know-nothing (that would be me). The lack of a critical lens, politically-speaking, of course ends up dignifying the status quo, under the guise of "objectivity," as is useful up until a certain point (say, until the end of the day).

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