Monday, May 31, 2010

Isreal doing what its fortress economy does best

In light of which economy, combined with extremist right wing knuckleheads in power, such rogue criminal thuggery should be (and was) entirely predictable.

The videos clearly show the Israeli soldiers rapelling in swat gear and being rebuffed by humanitarians swinging metal folding chairs, etc. Which begs the question: when you aggressively (and illegally) board a humanitarian ship waving a white flag and carrying nobel laureates and such, in international waters, and sometime right before or during that act fatally shoot 9-16 people on board who are trying to deliver non-military aid to a devastated region you've systematically and brutally oppressed, and effectively imprisoned...what response were you expecting? Israel's PR machine, meanwhile, still has the chutzpa to play the victim. Tragically, the article in the second link above is correct: right wing hardliner radicals currently in power in Israel will only ever dig in their heels harder...they need to go.

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