Thursday, June 16, 2005


The naked power of blog commenting continues (am I entirely alone in lamenting that the blogosphere's second most affectedly reluctant citizen would rather read economic charts than "do philosophy"?) In any case, may I recommend that in addition to n+1, the only magazine you really need is Naked Punch (forget The New Yorker, for fucksake).

In other news, Bob Dylan and Nora Jones are playing a virtual concert on July 16 because, well, they're paid to (via).


old said...

Bullshit. Dylan doing something because he's paid to? More likely he finds something interesting about Norah Jones. Agree with your plaint with respect to our 2nd most disaffected citizen.

Matt said...

Well, okay. Far be it from me to suggest anything so clichéd and shrill as "he's selling out!" It was rather an offhand remark, referencing the historical, cliché debate.

I'm sure Dylan has lots of his own reasons, including not knowing what else to do.