Friday, June 24, 2005

Anthony Cordesman, worthwhile conservative

Remind me, why doesn't this guy have Donald Duck's job again?

Oh, and Bernie Sanders has been guest-blogging, with only minimal typos, over here.

Karl Rove, meanwhile...well let's just say there's nothing like pissed off military families and Christians shoving it up a conservative's ass...

Update: There's more on Karl Rove, of course. And Democrats Call for Rove to Come Clean or Resign. Who knows...a good patriotic crime... maybe this will be the one. There's no question it would be, if only they didn't have the ability to drown it out thanks in large part to the media monopolies that took place under Clinton. It's almost as if they made a deal: Bush gets another term, and it's Hillary in 2008. And we all know she's the closest thing to a Republican, save perhaps the newly bearded Leiberman. Whoop de fucking doo.

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