Thursday, June 30, 2005

go read

For those who may not be aware lately I've also been throwing up the odd post, as time permits, over at the new place, which is on a schedule all its own but suffice to say we're not concerned. I recommend you go take a look, especially at the more patient thoughts of others, some relatively new to the blogosuffix, who have lately, greatly, been stepping up. It's so muggy I'm surprised anyone has the will to herd words, let alone post on Bourdieu, Hegel, Derrida and Heidegger, but they're going at it. Also, I hear there's something special in the works coming soon from Alphonse and John...

At the same time, there can be no doubt that blogging is in some sense antithetical to writing. I'm a fairly diligent blogger, and I haven't written anything in months. And yet in the face of so much increasingly quality online writing (if you know where to look), those getting paid for it do seem progressively obscene and silly. (Of course 80% of what is published, paid for, reviewed and promoted, certainly including McSweeney's blabber, is complete and utter crap (and don't worry about that changing because apparently Technorati doesn't do lit. blogs? And only measures sales through Amazon?!?)...petty bourgeois crap, yes, as any "literary snob" worth hir salt will rightly and repeatedly tell you.) But then again how hard can it be, when the competition is this?

Finally, the sidebar is a living thing, I'll have you know.

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