Friday, June 17, 2005

book-watch, cont.

More than a few of this blog's readers will be familiar with Elizabeth Rottenberg.

Update: Steve draws our attention to the greatest new gift on the block: a blog currently translating Kafka's Diaries.

Furthermore, fans of David Foster Wallace should definitely take a gander at Michael Ives, if they haven't done so already, namely this:

His partner, the writer Mary Caponegro, is perhaps better well know for The Star Cafe well as these two genuinely haunting short story collections:

In the words of Foster Wallace with regard to the latter: "Modifiers that fit this book include: baroque, eerie, elegant, funny, good and thoroughly upsetting." To which I might have added goth and fragile. Well that's enough images for a while. The walls did seem a little bare.

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