Friday, March 10, 2006

Well that's quite enough Gertrude Stein for one blog

Here's an article on Roy Haynes, man in pursuit of a silence you didn't know was there. Also incorrigible hipster, fashionable dresser and all around lover-of-life. Which matters somewhat less.

Here is Deleuze on Whitehead, and on the animal.

Here is great Scott McLemee on the latest and least interesting McCarthy-wannabe farce. Scott happily displaying what is known / unjustly derogated, as class:
Is there a lesson to be learned from the experience of recent days? Why yes, there is. It is adequately summed up by an old saying: "Don't get into a pissing contest with a skunk. Even if you win, you won't win."

And here are pictures of women with extremely long hair (via mefi). I'd say I'm in mourning, because S. chopped hers for the Appalachian Trail (five month saga which she starts tomorrow) but that would sound strange, in link-context. Because I'd rather chopped than trench coat, really. One forgets what an erotic object is the head. Still though I miss the hair. The stately silvery ones especially, mixed in as they were with midnight browns and sun-blonded curly ends. Only a few hours since we said goodbye but I miss her as if in degrees appropriate to months of absence. Also, there are dreams of powdered measuring cups, cornucopia of crumbs on carpet, of endless meadows of dried food spilling into zip-lock baggies. Must remember to mail a new book every week, just to make her laugh. Been a while since the bachelor life. Hard times ahead.


Jonathan McGee said...

Five months is not at all a long time. You can handle it; buck up soldier. I feel for you, big guy.
My suggestion is you spend the time watching Sopranos reruns. When you're done with those, there's always Entourage, and then maybe Arrested Development. Soon enough, five months will be over and you'll have caught up on years of upper-middle class TV.

Matt said...

Leave it to a blogger to suggest television. She's hiking the AT, man. I "need to get in shape" so that when visiting for a day or three I "don't slow [her] down". Besides, I've caught up on the Sopranos already. Thinking more like kayaking, and research. Maybe you're right though, that it's not that long.

Matt said...

The real question is if I'll ever sleep.

Ben Wolfson said...

From the second Deleuze link:
Parnet starts by reading a quote from W.C. Fields that she applies to Deleuze: "A man who doesn't like animals or children can't be all bad."
Actually, Fields never said that; a lesser comic who was introducing Fields said it of him. Since Fields was so much more famous, though, it's been attributed to him.

You, of course, have not perpetuated the error, but there's no comment box at the link, so…

Jonathan McGee said...

Yeah, but new Sopranos tomorrow! (Or later today depending on how you look at it.)
But the main point is: it's not really that long. And fuck sleep.

Matt said...

Ben, thanks for setting the record straight, as always.

And thanks for encouragement, Mr. Mcgee.