Tuesday, March 14, 2006

fugitive intellect

You know, I'm sort of glad S was never going to take any digital devices on the trail. My persistent half-hearted coaxings were happy to remain half-hearted. "But what will happen, dear S, if we suddenly forget, for lack of iteration, that everything is profound?" A horror too complex to even contemplate, surely. She does have proper thoughts of sitting down afterwards and writing the book to replace Bill Bryson on everyone and their grandmothers' tongues, however.

In the meantime, of course, I'll be sitting here obsessing over yahoo weather reports and other people's pictures on the interweb (though don't worry, Jonathan).


Jonathan McGee said...

Crap, didn't I make that post light-hearted enough?
Just because we don't post that often at The Decline, it doesn't mean that we're blog depressed. Just lazy. Well, Luke's too busy. I'm the lazy one.

If it'll make you feel better, I'll start obsessing over weather reports soon, too. (But mostly so I know when I can take the top off my Jeep and drive to the beach. Not quite the same thing, I know.)

By the way, is the wistful tone of your post an indication of how you're doing with the semi-bachelor life?

Matt said...

you mean, wallowing?

Jonathan McGee said...

Yeah, that's about what I meant.

Matt said...

Well she called last night, and apparently so far, it's been a party. "Trail Magic" as they say, with previous hikers supplying endless burgers, beer and whiskey to beginner thru-hikers.

And here I was imagining scenes of endless rain, loneliness and thunder...ah well.

Aenesidemus said...

Wait till she gets to PA, they made sure its all rocks for miles (and therefore days). You do nothing but stare at your feet praying to avoid a sprained ankle.

The Shanadoah valley is just the opposite: rolling hills, beautiful vistas, and easy hiking.

Keep us updated.

Matt said...

See, that's why I plan to visit in Virginia.

I may post updates, sporadically. Granted, these may take the form of purely projective fantasy, but then you've been warned.

Jonathan McGee said...

I actually thought about telling a story about the time aenesidemus and I went hiking on the Trail, along with some other unimportant people, but decided not to tell it because it was boring and nobody would have cared.

Here's the short version: aenesidemus and I once went hiking on the Trail, along with some other unimportant people.

And yes, the Shanandoah is much nicer, very beautiful.

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