Sunday, March 26, 2006

well shit sweet

Old things sometimes fail to reappear. Now there's one empty box, paid for, and one free one filled with things, and he more inclined to get rid of both than either. The past, well it always seems like it's putting on airs
of being present anyway. Update: No! Comments are all back!

Welcome back, comments.

(This is just a blog about Haloscan. But Adam Kotsko is a funny man. And I wonder if Ellis has been reading this guy, or Michael Bérubé. For interesting things on popular music, Dylan and Neil Young, you may click on those.)


s.c.squibb said...

"as Matt formulates, with characteristic grace

really, that's quite enough now."

relax, its a reposting.

and that kosko is a funny man.

Matt said...

I know Steve, but my Humility should have demanded that I say something the first time. Adam meanwhile, is surely no cosko.

s.c.squibb said...

true that. but some would say that now is not a time for humility. that humility is otherwise than what is has been, given where we find ourselves... what will we say when we are old? that we were concerned, then, with being humble? That it was with the presentation of ourselves that occupied our time? perhaps I think you humble, perhaps I do not, (i do) but what right do you have to concern yourself with the reception of your being? is there not a debilitating liberal narcissism lurking at the heart of all of this?

a cruel question to be sure, but it may yet turn out to be a central one if our generation is to make a difference. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you, my friend, are more informed than most, and it will not do at this dark hour to have our knights at home, concerned with the salvation of their souls. So I will praise you when I see fit, and I will repeat said praise until I am satisfied the world has heard what it is that I find worthy in your words. And if this makes you uncomfortable, I offer my humble apologies, but too long have I heard the ignorant ignite unchecked to absolve you now of your intelligence. No world presents itself in which your silence can appear responsible, and this is true by the very logic of a performed humility.

But it is late, and here I sound like some undergrad, drunk on Nietzsche, but I suppose it was not so long ago…

Besides, you did say something the first time, if I recall correctly.

Matt said...

No world presents itself in which your silence can appear responsible

[...] but there are many kinds of silence:)

s.c.squibb said...

touche. and many sorts of appearance.