Tuesday, March 21, 2006

go now

and read Scott McLemee

(then come back, of course, and comment on the post(s) below)

elsewhere, one wonders why this is news, and the question/balk 'n sneer portion of this would be enough to radicalize anyone (if only they could be convinced it was worth the trouble (via Atrios–and yes, that struck me as a telling, if unoriginal, stream-of-consciousness-under-duress-aside (to papa, mebbe?) revealing Bush's default cynicism/utter failure as an actor, too. Our "President" is haunted by the big Other in a whole new way. (Infantile neurosis makes sense, and is warranted you know, because the whole world changed.) as, quite simply, Bush's way of apologizing for having to be such an ass (it comes with the job, you see). A man whose defining (if not solitary) feature, the banal need to be liked, has never beeen more transparent.)


roger said...

Matt, I thought Bush's most burning desire is to say "mission". Isn't there a bit in that Woodward-Barnes book about the runup to WW4, Vulcans in Love, where they quote somebody who knew somebody who was at a meeting near the White House who claimed that whenever Bush emerges from a bathroom he says, "mission accomplished"?
He's a mission man. He's a man for our mission. He's the missionary position of presidents!

Anonymous said...

yes but - getting fucked in the ass might have once done wonders for the guy. who's to say?

prison may be his only remaining chance.