Saturday, February 11, 2006


The Rhine River delivers the "square meme," or some variation thereof, can only guess what it all means. If primarily to inspire further posts to help push it off the page, I accept.

4 jobs
  • farmer and maple sugarer

  • secretary and copy-editor

  • camp counsellor, medic and whitewater kayaking instructor

  • salmonboat fisherman

  • bookstore salesclerk and carpenter

  • coffee picker

4 films

4 places past
  • Vermont-New York-Alaska

  • Guatemala-Colombia-St.Martins

  • Nîmes-Paris

  • Uganda-Zaire

4 places future
  • Russia

  • Berlin

  • London

  • The Inside Passage

4 websites daily

4 foods
  • artichoke w/butter

  • fresh sockeye, lobster, or king crab

  • clamsauce or homemade pesto pasta

  • beer and fondue

  • broccoli with hollandaise sauce

4 early musical influences
  • Paul Simon

  • Bob Dylan

  • Debussy, Bach, Beethoven

  • Jimi Hendrix

4 bloggers
  • as if

  • any Long Sundayan

I won't go into details, (and I'm rather proud, apparently, that I've never once asked in the past), but this month in particular, and for a variety of reasons, would be a fantastic time to donate a buck or two to Pas au-dela--using the Paypal tip jar right over there, if you're so inclined. Thanks truly.


ann marie simard said...

And the especially nice thing was that there was nothing square about the "quatuors" as every category had more, or less, than 4 items...

I just found this blog via the literati section of Technorati. Studied in a very anti-Blanchot university in Paris... and then Montréal. The further you go and the more they accept things post-modern, anyway. It would be very anti-French to swallow any category of thought it once produced as a whole.

Anyway, I enjoyed it here. It is not always as calm and soothing at my place. I thought I had returned to the Ph.D program in literary studies I was in. Which is positive. Thanks!

Ann Marie Simard

Antonia said...

lots of interesting stuff here...the squarememething is fun...
yet I'm fond of Leopardi, too, we share the same birthday...together with Thoreau and that is a strange and great combination.

Amie said...

it would be great to read a post, or four square posts, on Grin Without A Cat. the opening montage of Battleship Potemkin, Berio, and the fragile hands raised in...
already so much.
And re Tarkovsky's Mirror! which is the film of his that haunts me constantly!
Don't know if you know, there is a film that Chris Marker devoted to Tarkovsky that is well worth seeing.

Btw, AMS, i'm curious to know about this anti-Blanchot university in Paris...

Matt said...

thanks amie; why don't you write the first edge for Long Sunday? and I'll turn 90 degrees and go from there..