Sunday, February 26, 2006

The new (old) class society

An article for high-flyers:
...privileged treatment for a well-heeled minority may be one perverse result of the democratisation of air travel – cheap flights and the rest. But relieving the "business-class" of the everyday hassles that "the masses" are subjected to, reduces the already dwindling number of state services where the rich have to experience how the other half lives.

In the United States, it is possible for higher-earners never to cross paths with the poor, except in a master-servant relationship. The result is extraordinary ignorance of how the other half lives and denial that poverty, lack of healthcare, inner-city education or other social miseries are really so bad.

Speaking of which, I just watched insta-Libertarian (is there any other sort?)/occasional and opportunistic Ralph Nader fan/msblog celebrity Michelle Malkin getting her ass handed to her (but not only this!) by Oberlin students and faculty. The kids, they are alright! I wanted to post it to LS, but the show hasn't been made available yet. For a title, considering, "Michelle Malkin: Unwitting Self-Parody Unhinged, or; Deeply Unhelpful, Well-Payed For It. What do you think? Too long, and dignifying, maybe.

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