Wednesday, January 26, 2005

yet another

Haruki Murakami site (via), in case the other two on the sidebar aren't enough. Perhaps more timely is this site dedicated to the Holocaust poetry of Paul Celan. Also, a genuinely moving first-hand account of surviving the tsunami, Gore Vidal on Democracy Now, and Viktor Yuschenko is blogging. And how's this for bridging the pond: The Beastles (via). A fact: it was Dylan who first turned the Beatles on, the result being less "She loves you, yeah, yeah" and more "Sgt. Pepper." As for Dylan's metaphorical-leaning literal-ness, I always thought it had something to do with his interest in the French--Rimbaud for example. As Kristeva says, English in America is essentially not a language, but more of a code, really. Dylan, with his unique blend of folk appropriation and existential sincerity, occasionally made the code sing, even if he's not a writer.
A list of books recently, temporarily given up on: Underworld by Don Delillo (the first 100 pages were terrific), and Matter and Memory by Henri Bergson. Suspect I will soldier on at some point, but right now just too busy working nights at a restaurant (among other places) and otherwise simply enduring the winter in this politically doomed country, full of depressed working people, with a minimum of head and heartache.

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