Thursday, January 27, 2005


Sorry about the incoherent posts lately. I'm glad someone was able to put them to good use. Pleased also that discussions of Blanchot are taking place. Still waiting to be read, as he is.

what when words gone? none for what then. but say by way of somehow on somehow with sight to do. with less of sight. still dim and yet --. no. nohow so on. say better worse words gone when nohow on. still dim and nohow on. all seen and nohow on. what words for what then? none for what then. no words for what when words gone. for what when nohow on. somehow nohow on. worsening words whose unknown. whence unknown. at all costs unknown. now for to say as worst they may only they only they. dim void shades all they. nothing save what they say. somehow say. nothing save they. what they say. whosesoever whencesoever say. as worst they may fail ever worse to say. remains of mind then still. enough still. somewhose somewhere somehow enough still. no mind and words? even such words. so enough still. just enough still to joy. joy! just enough still to joy that only they. only!
- Beckett

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