Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Tarkovsky is relatively new to me. Bergman might be to 'shame' as Tarkovsky is to 'patience.' Tarkovsky makes Bergman seem almost hasty, or, as Lars writes, he sometimes makes Bergman's actors seem like, well, merely actors. Tarkovsky demands that you meet him (you never do) somewhere slightly else. A difficult accusation to levy -- I also agree with Lars -- about someone as masterful and original as Bergman. (A professor of mine once claimed that Bergman was distinct from Woody Allen in that he left more room for hope, at the end of the day.) I watched "Andrei Rublev" last winter as a way to "relax" from writing a thesis on Blanchot, and it has stayed with me ever since. But last night "Nostalghia" made me feel something different - an experience that can only be described as, well, religious, perhaps, sharing a world after Nietzsche anyway.

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