Sunday, September 05, 2004

First and Last Meta-ConfessionalZiz

1. Previously the comments were open to members only. Now they are open to any and all and possibly too many. I had foolishly assumed they would be open from the beginning.
2. I refuse to get off on confessing. Not that all confessions are purely self-masturbatory.
3. But senility and arrogance may be the natural result of talking like this, as if one were famous.
4. I have no desire to be famous this way.
5. There has been a plethora of words posted on this blog not selected, weighed and sweated out by myself but by others, often more interesting and intelligent others. This should probably stop. Hopefully it will at least subside, I will relax a bit and begin to attempt to really write. I have things to say, honestly I do, I think. (etc.)
6. This thinking in lists is a seductive method of avoidance, as is telling so. Avoiding what? See Spurious - he wrestles with it far more knowingly.

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