Thursday, September 09, 2004

more Witt, query

"A mediocre writer must beware of too quickly replacing a crude, incorrect expression with a correct one. By doing so he kills his original idea, which was at least still a living seedling. Now it is withered and no longer worth anything. He may as well throw it on the rubbish heap. Whereas the wretched little seedling was still worth something."

"This is how philosophers should salute each other: 'Take your time!'"

"Philosophy hasn't made any progress? - If somebody scratches the spot where he has an itch, do we have to see some progress? Isn't it genuine scratching otherwise, or genuine itching? And can't this reaction to an irritation continue in the same way for a long time before a cure for the itching is discovered?"
-Wittgenstein, _Culture and Value_

Found these tapes of J.M. Berstein's lectures, but not the article on Agamben I continue to look for (short of paying $90 for it - libraries being scarce at the moment.) If anyone can be bothered to send me a copy I would be extremely grateful.
"Bare Life, Bearing Witness: Auschwitz and the Pornography of Horror" in Parallax Volume 10, Number 1 (January-March 2004).

Thanks to whoever dropped the comment.

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