Friday, September 03, 2004

God's Own Party

Of course to even begin speaking about some things is to risk legitimizing them, and some things do not deserve this risk. In an era of 'postpolitics' when History is just another narrative to be embellished, hollow gestures of citation invoke only a desperate nostalgia. Neo-messianic fundamentalism being one symptom of a paradigm in its death throes. I will say one thing, however: the parts of the speeches (including a few words by "reigning" George that must have cost him hours of relaxing repetition) in Spanish have set a new low in false-hearted pandering. Unfortunately it is a record likely soon to be broken.

"Do we not see around and among us men and peoples who no longer have any essence or identity--who are delivered over, so to speak, to their inessentiality and their inactivity {inoperosità} -- and who grope everywhere, and at the cost of gross falsifications, for an inheritance and a task, an inheritance as task?...The traditional historical potentialities--poetry, religion, philosophy--which from both the Hegelo-Kojevian and Heideggerian perspectives kept the historico-political destiny of peoples awake, have long since been transformed into cultural spectacles and private experiences, and have lost all historical efficacy...The total humanization of the animal coincides with a total animalization of man."

--Giorgio Agamben, _The Open: Man and Animal_, 76-77

Well, here's a toast to a 'messianicity without messianism.' To a faith without religion.


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