Saturday, November 06, 2010

It's still the economy, stupid

What a truly excellent news show, not even considering the current journalistic vacuum.

Did you know that Credo Mobile helps support DemocracyNow? Watch the whole thing:

Too bad most people, especially Tea Baggers, will only hear something like this.

They should read Robert Reich.

Speaking of The Onion, how often is it, I wonder, that a headline there comes true?

We'll have to see what these Tea Baggers really plan to do about the Fed. Their proclaimed principles should cause them to join with Progressives against the elitist gamblers, as with campaign finance and working class tax cuts, but somehow we doubt that Tea Bagger principles are worth a sack of shit, completely born and funded as they are by Wall Street, Koch Industries, Rove's hedge fund managers, international business interests laundered through the Chamber, and other epitomes of elitist special interest. Those millionaires and billionaires expect a return on their investment; new tax-free casinos have been paid for. Don't worry, Rust Belt, they will be glad to take your unemployment check one way or the other.


Also (in case you missed Scott's column):

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