Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are you sure this is what you voted for, asshats.

Robert Reich is calling it "National Fiscal Hypocrisy Week." He neglects to mention the idiotic federal pay freeze (no, that doesn't include Goldman Sachs) or that struggling homeowners will now only get 1/4 of the money promised to help them refinance.

I believe the appropriate offensive cartoon would show Obama being forced to eat shit off the ground, at Rethuglican feet while The Owners laugh at everyone. Or maybe Obama is helping them, gratefully, spoon-feed it to us.

National Fiscal Hypocrisy Week "may extend into next week as well."

Update: Somebody cut a deal with Republicans and The Chamber. Too bad there was no reason to compromise on such no-brainer legislation to begin with (nor any need to bargain the middle class away for the dozen other good bills still being Rethuglican/Chamber blocked for no good reason).

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