Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One simple thing every progressive should do right now

In case anyone who reads this blog is not yet fully aware, I have a standing offer to split the $100 Credo Mobile will give me for referring anyone to switch cell phone companies to them, in addition to their usual offer to pay your early termination fees (up to $200 per person) with any other company.

So you can keep giving your money to the pricks at Bush/Cheney-loving AT&T, or environmentalist-bashing Verizon, etc. but there's $50 in it for anyone who cares to switch (must mention my personal code: BVMGN or phone number).

Credo Mobile (an offshoot of Working Assets) has donated well over 65 million dollars to non-profits that really make a difference, such as Doctors Without Borders, the ACLU and DemocracryNow!

1% of your charges go to progressive nonprofits members vote on, your bill serves as a progressive newsletter and your phone company is an effective, precisely-targeting progressive lobby.

I use my phone all day long all over Western North Carolina, as well as on the road up to Boston, NY and VT, and their network is absolutely just as good as Verizon's if not better (they share with Sprint).

Their phones are top notch, and they have an extensive range of plans, most of which are less expensive than the competition. I pay $50/month (actually $45, because I just renewed) for 1000 minutes and 1000 texts. No shit.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, let them buy out your existing contract with whatever Rethuglican-funding conglomerate, and mention my name, code BVMGN and my number, and I'll send you $50.

It's pretty simple. So far I've referred over a dozen (very happy) people.

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