Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eat the Press, Wikileaks, Inside Job, Republicans deeply corrupt, anti-American tools of international billionaires, judging Obama

Update: And of course there is the Sunday Talking Heads column up at Huffington, for those who want a fun reminder, what complete inanity passes for "serious" national political discourse in this country.

Anyone not currently reading A Tiny Revolution certainly should be...see this post, this post and this post. Or Digby, for that can't do much better for smart counter-commentary, though it gets depressing fast.

Oh, and here's one from Crooked Timber (much more here, and on DemocracryNow with Daniel Ellsberg).

And welcome to the Republican fantasyland of unlimited, secret campaign donations: thy name is corruption. I just gave more money to Jack Conway, Russ Feingold, Peter DeFazio, Ann Kuster and Alan Grayson through ActBlue...did you?

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