Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's a Political Corporation Not a Party

Digby has been all over this story from the beginning:

...Tea Partiers [are just] "end users." They are being sold a product using some very sophisticated marketing methods.

If you are not scared for the future, or taking these evil people seriously yet, you certainly should be.

This morning Matt Taibbi talks with this (sadly insufferable) fellow:

As should be no surprise for a billionaire-funded "movement" with deep historical roots in hatred and bigotry, freedom of speech for some Rand Paul supporters is apparently anything but a universal right. Still waiting for Rand Paul's own personal denunciation of such unwarranted violence...and police are still trying to identify these two men:

Update: As digby says, there is something of a "common mentality" among Rand Paul fans, but don't expect the MSM to be investigating it, these days...

Update II
: The man is facing a criminal summons, and it turns out the attack on the Moveon member was premeditated. Also, Tim Profitt is not just some random tea bagger, but a close friend of Rand Paul's campaign (as I suspected, looking at that fancy shirt and "working man" uniform, complete with sticker-covered tape measure...self-important "crowd control" Chief Tape Measure may need to learn some anger management...right after court):

Update: It happens again.

Incidentally, there's a cure for curb-stomping.

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