Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Koch Brothers, Chamber of Commerce and other Anti-Democratic Pieces of Shit

Update: Astroturf Wars is essential viewing for anyone still believing in fake populism of The Tea Party.

As for the DC Chamber of Commerce being a corrupting influence, well...old news as well for anybody paying attention, or bothering to ask ThinkProgress, though you wouldn't know it by watching cable "news". Update: Digby has more.

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Also: Memo to NPR: There is no such thing as "objectivity" in mass media these days, and the right-wing nuts will never give you any credit for trying regardless.

Update III: The strong link between the billionaire Koch brothers (of corporate behemoth Koch Industries and global-warming-denying, health-insurance-company-defending "Americans for Prosperity" assholery) and the delusional self-advertising "grassroots" "Tea Baggers" has now been proven. David and Charles Koch are a dangerous pack of liars...See for yourself.

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