Thursday, March 06, 2008


Nice to see liberal maverick Michael Bérubé back on the political commentary (and boy is Hillary's monstrously pathetic run-to-Republican tactics, talking-points-and-narratives-campaign a vile and despicable, not to mention utterly predictable disgrace!*). Bérubé is also finding time, professors will be glad to see, to tear down conservative ignoramous Mark Bauerlein of old literary organ fame–yet again, indeed echoing threads at Long Sunday of ages and ages past.

*So much for changing narratives, huh Krugman.

Nice also to receive messages like this from my future cell phone company, Working Assets/Credo.  Honestly you have to wonder why anyone with even the slightest social conscience and a cell phone doesn't choose Credo!

They have highly competitive rates and a good network (they use Sprint's).  The causes they support (both discreetly and powerfully) are simply crucial.  Shit, you even get regular free Ben&Jerry's coupons!  I mean seriously, is it a problem of advertising budget, or what???  Must be.  I know I wasn't even aware of Credo for almost the entire first year's contract with monolith Verizon.  Here's a company that should be all over the cable networks, advertising on progressive blogs, a competitor in every major city...

Until then, courtesy of Credo, the only left-activist, non-corporatist phone company, watch Colbert's commentary on the politics of paranoia/phonophobia.  It really hits the nail on the head in so many ways:

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