Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, I’d say that the great failure of the Clinton administration — more important even than its failure to achieve health care reform, though the two failures were closely related — was the fact that it didn’t change the narrative, a fact demonstrated by the way Republicans are still claiming to be the next Ronald Reagan.

Everything true, obviously. But here, as usual, the NY Times is deriding Obama. I say, if it takes a little lukewarm praise of 'the concept of Reagan,' in a certain context, to win an election today, then that's just fucking fine with me. Better that than actually being Reagan, eh? (Here's looking at you, Queen Privatization/Shock Doctrine Hillary.)

Americans still suffer so much from this idea that politicians, running for election, are allowed to be actual people. That they should be held responsible to every off-hand comment, over-brimming with saintly integrity. They're not; get over it. What counts is their actions. The time to re-write the history books starts directly after all the bullshit (and may last for about two years if you're a democrat, that is before the inevitable scandals hurt the Divided Party with a Conscience).

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