Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hothead McCain

• The time to frame and fix the enemy correctly is upon us. Read the whole thing.

You'd think we would have had enough hollow and arrogant "tough" guys with their heads up their own asses, bad actors, or Walmart and Halliburton board members as Presidents by now. Where are the political guts for a new New Deal? For the old and essential emancipatory ideal, without compromise? When will disaster fundamentalist capitalism and neoliberalism with it just fucking roll over and die already?

• I'm gone for a week 1/2+ to Nicaragua. Where the old Sandanista is back in power and yet from what I gather totally confused, ineffectual and emasculated.

• n+1 is running their symposium on the politics of fear.

• Here's to a President actually talking like an adult to adults, and rejuvenating the long-forgotten, rather severely neglected challenge of 'America' (remember that?):

Watching this the genuine analogies to JFK should be obvious to anyone with a decent knowledge of political history, just as such people should probably think twice before emphasizing in public such a genuinely inspiring fact...

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