Friday, February 02, 2007

will copy-edit, proofread, fact check for your money


I am currently offering my services as a copy-editor/proofreader to anyone who may be out there, and in need. Naturally if yours is a subject I know anything about (and perhaps even if not), then the critique (only if desired) is included free of charge. However the point of this exercise is getting paid for which, given my current financial straights, I will read and edit nearly anything.

Donations are of course welcome (email for an address, or there's a paypal button on the side if you like paying petty fees to large corporations). As for references, these guys think I do an excellent job, as did Lars Spurious. I have also been known to translate a little bit from French and Spanish, and to help people with their business or "personal statements." Grand stuff.

In between jobs these first months of the new year, with extortionate vet bills for adopted dogs to pay, this legitimately humble blog is broke. In light of which, truly any spare change one may feel like spontaneously tipping would be deeply appreciated. Thanks again.


Jon said...

... dropped you a tenner (It'll probably be about $25 by the time I pay off theat part of my Visa balance ;-)

I'd offer more but I am unemployed and without cash flow as well.

Matt said...

huge thanks, jon.