Saturday, February 03, 2007

a poetry plug

From Gary Sullivan's afterword to Fait Accompli by Nick Piombino (courtesy of wood s lot):
Miraculously, Nick Piombino, who launched fait accompli early in 2003, has managed to stay out of nearly every poetry blogwar to date. This is not, I would argue, because he has less of a stake in any of the arguments that have come up - he cares about poetry and the social world in which it operates as passionately and deeply as anyone else. His neutrality, the seeming neutrality of fait accompli, has more to do, I believe, with his relationship to time.

Whereas most of us - even those of us with decades of poetryworld "history"- tend to focus our blogs on the immediate present of the poetry world - often as shaped and limited by present online participation by others - Nick, from the outset, has consciouly and constantly used his blog as a form of dialogue and exchange with the past, present and future - that of his personal life, of his poetics, of poetry and poetics generally, and of politics and the larger social realm.

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